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What if caregivers could rely on a trusted, spiritually integrated adult day program with activities especially tailored to those facing dementia or other cognitive challenges? 

Club RCA with Respite Care Atlanta offers activities and socialization for older adults facing cognitive challenges, 3 days a week, providing an opportunity for caregivers to take a respite from caregiving responsibilities. Our Club RCA program is designed to highlight capabilities, interests, and backgrounds of our participants. Respite Care Atlanta is a volunteer-driven respite program designed to support caregivers and their loved ones in a safe, caring and comfortable atmosphere. Club RCA customizes activities to target social, spiritual, cognitive and physical needs that are engaging, suitable, and fun.

Admission Criteria for Club RCA

Eligible participants for Club RCA are first interviewed by the Director or her designee to ensure the applicant is medically stable and able to interact and socialize with others in a group setting. Participants must be able to feed and toilet themselves. Please note: eligible participants for Club RCA are required to have a diagnosis of either mild cognitive impairment, Alzheimer’s disease, or other dementia types. 

Participants must be able to ambulate independently with or without assistive devices and with no potential danger to themselves or others. They must also demonstrate the ability to exhibit acceptable behavior in a group setting. 

Initial screening is conducted by the Director of Respite Care Atlanta or a designee in a telephone interview. If the interview is successful, applicants are invited to visit the program along with their caregiver. If the visit is favorable, an application for participation will be offered to the caregiver. The application, along with a non-refundable $40 registration fee, must be returned to the Director prior to participation. The application will be processed by the Director or a designee, and the participant will be added to the roster.

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