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Financial Support

Respite Care Atlanta is supported by participant fees, congregational contributions and grant funding. Startup and first year funding has been solicited from collaborating congregations and private donors. Requests for additional funding will be submitted to foundations.

Founding Congregations

Participating congregations are geographically located on or near the Peachtree Street corridor. Respite Care Atlanta is a collaborative effort initiated by: 

These collaborating congregations:

  • Support the Mission and Purpose of the program.
  • Make an initial financial contribution to the Program.
  • Coordinate to secure funding to employ a full-time Director and all associated costs not covered by participant fees.
  • Promote the Program using newsletters, bulletins, websites, forums and any other available means of communication.    
  • Appoint representatives to a Board of Directors to oversee the Program.
  • Recruit and provide volunteers to support the Program.

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We are located at:
Second Ponce de Leon Baptist Church
2715 Peachtree Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30305

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